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Will Slicing & Dicing Lead to a Universal Brotherhood of Man?

One of the nice things about Linux is that it comes with a bunch of tools to help you manipulate files and data without writing programs. For example, if you want to search inside a bunch of files, pull out all lines that contain a certain keyword, sort those lines, eliminate duplicates, and then print just the third column of each line, it's really not much trouble using the tools described in this section.

Writing a C program to do that would not be a trivial exercise, even for an experienced programmer. But you can use these slicing-and-dicing tools like building blocks to manipulate data and produce reports without a computer science degree.

Following is a description of how each tool works, and at the end of the section, you'll find some tips on how to combine them into even more powerful commands.

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rajan     (16 Jan 2012, 15:51)
does java and Linux made a good combination???
or c/perl is better for linux????
how much is the need for linux in bioinformatics???
Prem     (07 Jan 2012, 15:19)
Have been dabbling in and out of Linux for several years, giving it up just few hours after starting and never going past few pages. This time, I have reached halfway through the entire tutorial in one sitting! Many thanks, Bob. Quite a page turner :)
robert st.amour     (03 Oct 2011, 23:41)
I love it. Very useful
Amar Kadam     (23 Dec 2010, 00:11)
This is very nice tutorial. Its give me lot of confident.
feryal     (15 Dec 2010, 18:22)
sayyed raden     (16 Nov 2010, 10:14)
It really helps me alot
subramanyam     (03 Jun 2010, 01:14)
Very Nice tutorial
Varun     (14 Apr 2010, 23:03)
This command base helping us to get referance while workin on linux platform.

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