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How Do Pine Email Folders Work?

Folders are good for organizing your email. When you press S to save a message in a folder, Pine asks you to choose a folder. If that folder already exists, Pine copies the message to that folder and marks it as "Deleted" in your INBOX. If the folder doesn't exist, Pine asks if you want to create it. You might want to save all messages from a mailing list in a folder with the same name as the list, or have a folder called URGENT for high-priority items. I create folders for people with whom I communicate on a regular basis, so my INBOX stays uncluttered and I can still find an old message when I need it.

You can use the L command to display a list of all your folders and then view the messages in a selected folder. The same FOLDER INDEX and MESSAGE TEXT screens are used whether you're dealing with the INBOX folder or another folder that you created.

For more information on the pine command, see the pine manual.

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