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Where is The Pine Inbox?

The INBOX folder is where you'll spend most of your time in Pine. Following is a sample screen showing three messages. Pine displays a message number, the date sent, the real name of the sender (if available), the size (in bytes), and the Subject line of each message in your INBOX. The first message is flagged with an A, which indicates that I've already read and answered it. The other two are each flagged with an N because they are new messages. Messages that have been read but not answered are blank in the flag column.

So what about the plus (+) signs in front of certain messages? These tell me that these messages were addressed directly to me (your address appears in the To: field, even though you don't see that field here). Email that comes from a mailing list manager or junk mail that comes from a spammer will typically have a generic (or bogus) To: address.

Unlike mail, Pine doesn't keep your incoming and previously read messages in totally different places. All your messages show up on this screen, whether they are brand new or six months old.

PINE 4.10 MESSAGE INDEX Folder: INBOX Message 1 of 3

  + A 1 Feb 8 Joe Kramer (1,116) Let's do lunch
    N 2 Feb 10 Dave Rhodes (7,264) MAKE MONEY FAST!!!

  + N 3 Feb 11 [email protected] (1,220) My new Toyota...

[Folder "INBOX" opened with 3 messages]

? Help       < FldrList    P PrevMsg   -   PrevPage  D Delete   R Reply
O OTHER CMDS > [ViewMsg]   N NextMsg   Spc NextPage  U Undelete F Fo rward

For more information on the pine command, see the pine manual.

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