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Pine Email - What Basics Should I Know?

Managing Your Mail with Pine

You can display the current message (which is either underlined or in reverse video) by pressing > or the enter key while viewing the FOLDER INDEX screen. Here's an example of what you'll see when you view a message in Pine:

PINE 4.10 MESSAGE TEXT Folder: INBOX Message 1 of 3 ALL

  Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 13:57:22 -0800
  From: Joe Kramer <[email protected]>
  To: [email protected]
  Subject: Let's do lunch

  Hey, howzabout we do a "power lunch" on Monday to work out the
  details of that Amorphous contract? Call me at 555-0317...

? Help       < MsgIndex   P PrevMsg   -   PrevPage  D Delet e   R Reply
O OTHER CMDS > ViewAttch  N NextMsg   Spc NextPage  U Undelete F Forward

From either this MESSAGE TEXT screen or the FOLDER INDEX screen, you can press one of the following keys to act on the current message. (Pine doesn't care about upper or lower case when entering commands.)

R Reply to the current message.

D Delete a message. (Messages don't actually go away when you ask to delete them--they're just flagged with a D and expunged later when you exit Pine, just in case you change your mind and don't want the message deleted.)

U Undelete a message (remove the D flag).

If you press O to display more Pine commands, the legend at the bottom of the screen changes to the following:

? Help        M Main Menu  L ListFldrs  C Compose  % Pr int     S Save

O OTHER CMDS  Q Quit Pine  G GotoFldr   W WhereIs  T TakeAddr  E Export

From here, you can use the following:

C Compose a new message.

< Return to the FOLDER INDEX screen.

W Search for text in the current message.

% Print the message.

T Add the sender to your address book.

S Save the message in a folder.

For more information on the pine command, see the pine manual.

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