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How Do I Uninstall a Linux Software Package?

Uninstalling Packages

If you're short on disk space, use RPM to uninstall one or more packages. Uninstalling is even easier than installing, because you need to know only the package name, not the name of the original package file. Here's how to remove the dogfood package: rpm -e dogfood

RPM will tell you if the removal of the package will cause problems for other installed packages. If it will, you may see a message like this:

removing these packages would break dependencies:
dogfood is needed by fido-1.0-1

If you're sure you know what you're doing, you can add the --nodeps flag, and RPM will skip the dependency checks and uninstall the package anyway.

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Namith Chandran     (22 Jun 2014, 07:49)
i tryig to uninstall and reinstall PHOTON 3G setup from a Linux redhat 6 laptop.
please guide me
Namith Chandran     (22 Jun 2014, 07:46)
Hi, I am using a Linux redhat 6 Lap(Office lp)
I had installed the PHOTON 3G dongle via terminal, but the GUI is not launching, help me to uninstall and reinstall the APP?
jithendera     (19 Mar 2012, 11:43)
i have a my personal has a red hat linux os installed...I want to delete or remove the Linux comletely and install a windows xp professional os ...I dont know nothing about I need to simple directions as to remove linux on my laptop.. thanx
walt     (20 Feb 2012, 10:55)
shambhu     (13 Feb 2012, 03:18)
dear sir,
plz help me for redhat enterprise linux 6.1
1)how to install tar.bz2 & tar.gz
2)how to uninstall rpm , tar.bz2 & tar.gz
Alok chaturvedi     (01 Feb 2012, 02:27)
Please let me know how i can uninstall ms office from my linux machine, i am not able to find where it install. kindly help me out. Please
ali     (29 Jan 2012, 16:08)
niranjan     (14 Jan 2012, 15:28)
my laptop was loaded with win7 but while trying to load ubuntu as a 2nd formatted the file system how can i retrive is showing some data are in unreadable it is not accepting win7. can you help me.
MOjdeh     (13 Dec 2011, 14:36)
Hi, Who can help me? I installed skype on my ubunto and after the first restart it appears the error 5: input/output error, I cant more run synaptic!!! the hard disc begins to make sounds and a red forbidden sign appears on top close to internet connection sign. When I tried to uninstall skype directly from terminal I got this error:

mojdeh@mojdeh-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get --purge remove skype
[sudo] password for mojdeh:
Reading package lists... Error!
E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error)
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

Would you please help me to solve this problem?
noo     (23 Sep 2011, 10:02)
to uninstall rpm package # rpm -e
Anand     (23 Sep 2011, 10:00)
to uninstall # make uninstall
ignesious     (20 Mar 2011, 11:00)
sir i want to install mysql db when i downloaded the package and run the configure file it does't show me errors but when i put the #make command it's showing that no file to make pls help..
momo the great     (20 Mar 2011, 10:58)
@tom bias
put your xp disk and reboot go to advanced setting and format the logical drive where the linux is installed now install the xp.
after installation is over go to control panel->administration->disk management now combine all your free space in to another logical drive..
k.baidya     (29 Jan 2011, 23:43)
have a wipro has a linux os installed...I want to delete the Linux comletely and install a xp professional os ...I know nothing about I need simple directions as to how one would do this.

Bob Rankin     (30 Nov 2010, 20:18)
@Tom - Pop in the Windows install CD, restart your computer, and it will install Windows. If the installer asks if you want to format the disk, say yes.
Tom Bias     (30 Nov 2010, 20:08)
I have a dell inspiron 5100 has a linux os installed...I want to delete the Linux comletely and install a xp professional os which I have the OEM disc...I know nothing about I need simple directions as to how one would do this.


Bob Rankin     (20 Oct 2010, 10:55)
@kyawkyawzaw - Good news... I already did! I'm always amazed by the comments that say "Send me the info about XXX" when the information is RIGHT THERE on the page in front of them. Sigh...
kyawkyawzaw     (20 Oct 2010, 07:50)
pls send uninstall and install commands in linux
and pls explain about uninstalling and installing
Nasibullah Abid Safi     (16 Sep 2010, 03:59)
Hi Dear!
I am installing perl module manually with make install or ./configer in Linux red hat, so how i can uninstall that module again and how i can check that how much module are installed in my red hat Linux operating System..

I welcome your comments. However... I am puzzled by many people who say "Please send me the Linux tutorial." This website *is* your Linux Tutorial! Read everything here, learn all you can, ask questions if you like. But don't ask me to send what you already have. :-)

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