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Where Can I Get Help on Linux Commands?

How to Get Help

Need help figuring out what a command is supposed to do? In an operating system with strange-sounding commands like awk, grep, and sed, it's not surprising. The man command (short for manual) is a source of online help for most Linux commands . For example, you can enter man grep

to learn all the secrets of the very useful grep command. (For a summary of the most-used Li nux commands, see the section "Important Linux Commands").

If man claims no knowledge of the command in which you're interested, try help instead. This command will list all the built-in bash commands with a brief syntax summary.

Another help format called info is more powerful, since it provides hypertext links to make reading large documents much easier, but not all documentation is available in info format. T here are some very complete info documents on various aspects of Red Hat (especially the portions from the GNU project).

To try it out, use the info command without any arguments. It will present you with a list o f available documentation. Press h to read the help for first-time users, or use the tab key to move the cursor to a topic link and then press enter to follow the link. Pressing p returns you t o the previous page, n moves you to the next page, and u goes up one level of documentation. To exit info, press q< /STRONG>.

For more information on the man command, see the man manual.

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kalyani     (31 Jan 2012, 08:42)
I googled it.. and searched many links but could not trace the exact way so I posted here
Bob Rankin     (31 Jan 2012, 08:35)
See this link:
kalyani     (31 Jan 2012, 01:05)
Hello sir..
Can you please tell me how to pass inputs from a C program to a shell program?
DHANANJAY     (24 Jan 2012, 07:55)
I Really respect your support its to helpful for Linux lovers.
Mike     (01 Jan 2012, 02:33)
The application, system, and administration tabs are gone from my top panel.How dp I get them back?
Joe W     (17 Nov 2011, 08:02)
Dr. Bob, thanks for the tutorial. I'm a Windows server admin with little linux/unix experience that needs to learn fast and this is perfect.
sandeep     (05 Nov 2011, 05:43)
Aida Naluwooza     (19 Oct 2011, 06:31)
I need a summary of most used linux command.
willsgreat     (21 Sep 2011, 11:27)
Hi Dr. Bob, you are doing a great work. Thank you sir.
amr     (15 Aug 2011, 10:19)
Hi Bob, i am a beginner to Linux. I don't know where to start. do you know any video tutorial or give me some guidance. i will really appreciate it. Thanks
pularaju     (05 Mar 2011, 04:34)
it's excellent
Shiblie     (28 Jun 2010, 14:26)

How do i get a good dictionary file to crack a password?
Pieczark     (12 Apr 2010, 18:33)
Congratulations! Great tutorial, very useful and easy to understand. Thanks a lot.
Pala     (02 Apr 2010, 03:19)
All i what to say..
Thank u so much.
Alok Ranjan     (05 Feb 2010, 05:04)
Dr Bob. I am a enthusiast and wanted to get to know Linux. I found this site very userful. The concepts ans commands are explained in simplest possible way. Thankyou very much.

I welcome your comments. However... I am puzzled by many people who say "Please send me the Linux tutorial." This website *is* your Linux Tutorial! Read everything here, learn all you can, ask questions if you like. But don't ask me to send what you already have. :-)

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