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Does Linux Have a Spell Checker?

Always run your important documents through a spell checker. It will plane lee mark four you're revue, miss steaks ewe mite knot sea. However, it probably won't do much for poor grammar or sentences like that one! Linux has a rudimentary spelling checker, which you can invoke like this:

spell important.txt   Perform a regular spell check on important.text.

spell -b important.txt   Perform a spell check using British spelling rules.

If the spell checker finds words that do not appear in its dictionary, it will display them on the console.

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Pablo     (14 Jan 2015, 08:15)

echo "Especificaciones de tu procesador"
echo Core id
cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep 'core id'
echo Model name
cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep 'model name'
echo cpu MHz
cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep 'cpu MHz'
read x; clear
ofir     (30 Dec 2013, 23:53)
for all those who can't operate spell,aspell,ispell etc...
it doesn't come build in on ubuntu. so you need to apt-get it from the repository.
first try to search with sudo apt-cache search spell (or yum search spell for fedora,REHT,centOS) , then try the command.
for checking a word and no a document, type "spell -a" it will wait for a word and then suggest a right spelling. if the spell is right it will give "*" as answer. exit with ctrl-d"
hardik vaghani     (05 Feb 2013, 03:01)
buddy its not working on my UBUNTU 12.04 !!!
any other solution ?
manjunath     (27 Nov 2012, 12:02)
Hi sir i have found this site today and from 2mro onward am going to read this site ............thanks for providing lot of information about linux and i hope it will be best guide for the beginners who wants to learn linux .......Thanking you
Schoe     (21 Jan 2012, 13:49)
I don't have 'spell' installed on my ubuntu netbook, but I've found "aspell -c importantfile.txt" is a good way to spellcheck a document
Matt     (14 Dec 2011, 14:37)
In Fedora the command is "ispell"
Majed     (10 Aug 2011, 07:33)
it seems there is no such command on gentoo just in redhat
Vidit     (26 Mar 2011, 02:25)
..thanx for provide a good overview of linux.This tutorials will helpful for me in next time....
dheeraj     (02 Dec 2010, 13:06)
fedore 14 command is not working tell me the alternative for spell checking command !
R.H     (28 Nov 2010, 13:11)
bash: spell: command not found

any suggestion?
anthony     (18 Nov 2010, 01:12)
well what can i say this is one of the best ste i ever used,
keep up the good job.
i thank you. its very help full web site.
George J. Marshall     (12 May 2010, 05:42)
I have been using Maltese spellchecker for a number of years, but this week I was unable to log in. tell you the truth i am lost without it.
can you please help
George J.marshall

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